a plea

Life is not a fairy tale. The good guy doesn’t always win. Prince Charming doesn’t really exist. No-one lives forever. I know now that I can’t rely on other’s for my happiness. Life and love is not conditional. It’s not up to B to make me happy, it’s up to me. This is part of my why. My 365 grateful posts. To force myself to acknowledge and truly acknowledge how much I have. And not only material things. I wish you would too. There is so much beauty around us and in us if we only care to look. And stop believing the fairy tales. And our old stories. Our old baggage. Life is not  picture book perfect. Life is not what could have been. Life is not what should be. Life is as it should be. If only we could accept, acknowledge, let go and move forward. And never look back. Living in the past messes up the now. Just look at what you have right now. Just look. Right this very moment, give thanks for it, be grateful for it, knowing it too will pass. Knowing it won’t last forever.  And then it will be too late. Don’t waste what you have wishing for something you never had. See what you have. Please. And let that be enough. You are so blessed. You really are. You are so loved. You have so much more than many. So much more. You just need to open your eyes. And be grateful.

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