I am grateful for friendships.  In all the various forms we find them. Often in the most unexpected of places. I am grateful for the comfort I derive in the sharing and the caring. I can only hope my friends feel the same. I am here. Always. And I thank you for being there. The knowledge that you will always be there no matter what, is comforting.

3 thoughts on “thirteen

  1. Thank you for sharing this thought, sometimes it is not easy for friendships to build when there is unfounded, untrue judgements passed onto fellow humans. The reality and truth will hopefully prevail and people (of Noosa) will stop thier scandulous and fearful behaviour and honour their truth in their spoken word, instead of allowing superflous, oxygen stealing, lies to overwhelm their conversations. Lets just have honest, honourable conversation for the start of 2012 and see how that pans out for all of us as individuals. Think before you speak. Is it the truth that is keaving your mouth to go out there into the universe? If not. STOP and rather say nothing. Thank you.

  2. Hey you … couldn’t agree more. Not enough to say ‘no judgement’ and then proceed to judge what you don’t know, what you’ve heard and what you are fearful of. And we are all guilty of this. Gossip. But it’s a choice. Honest, kind, compassionate … that should guide everything we say. And it is not true unless you have personally seen or done or been part of it … not someone else’s interpretation of their experience. That’s their truth not yours. And anyway, who are we to judge? What gives anyone the right.

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