I am finding this all quite interesting. People’s genuine curiousity, amazement, wierded outness, desire to share and even the complete silence. Actually the complete silence from some is particularly interesting. It takes some doing to put yourself out there. And I don’t mean by blogging. I mean by being honest. And the question on some people’s minds it seems, is why would you. Which has to make me consider. Why am I doing this? Honestly, I was, am, a spoilt brat. With so much to be grateful for, but not honestly seeing it.  Why, why not, why me, why not me, why here, why him, why them, why now. A favourite quote of mine ‘be still. cease your relentless partcipation’ comes to mind. I know I do that. Especially before. Kept myself ever so busy doing ever so important things with ever so important people so I wouldn’t have to spend too much time with me. Now I am in this wonderful place with this wonderful opportunity to simply celebrate what is. And still I so often think about what I haven’t got, not what I have. What is with that. I am a spoilt brat. So, the grateful stuff is my being still for a moment. The other stuff is me experimenting and not being anonymous anymore. Honesty is good. Sharing is therapeutic. Not trying to be clever is essential.

6 thoughts on “brat

  1. I think you are fabulous. I love your sharing and if honesty is where you’re at, realise some people may not feel comfortable with what you’re doing for their own personal reasons – nothing to do with you. Sharing is caring you know!

  2. Gratitude is the most energising of states of mind. I am forever grateful for the wonderful life I have and for the magnificent places I live. I love reading of your gratitude as well. Much love

  3. You are probably the most honest individual I know. And I am blessed for knowing you. Having you share that honesty so honestly makes me (almost) believe that there is no such place as far away. That is the real blessing. I am grateful for you.

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    Jo Sutton Such a loveable spoilt brat though xx Where’s the pic of her?
    January 27 at 1:46pm · Like

    Lianne Cawood Only grateful posts 365 get a pic … inflexible, me??? xx
    January 27 at 1:53pm · Like

    Melissa Harris Hehehe…I would never be that harsh on you. You are amazing. You are wonderful and honest and HUMAN…I love you just as you are. I think your posts are super…I always feel better for reading them. Thanks for making me smile. It’s human nature to strive for more…but humanoid to know when to pull back, and find the magic right in front of you all along. ♥ You are inspiring Lianne…mwaa.! 🙂
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    Yvette Puchert ‎!
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