A friend and I were chatting and the description ‘she is classy’ came up. But is she? What is ‘classy’? To my view a classy person is one who treats everyone with respect, treats everyone the same, no matter their so-called status. Who is kind, who puts others at ease, who isn’t brash, who values their own and others inner beauty as much as their outer beauty, who enhances what they have tastefully, who never displays their assets in a vulgar manner, be they physical or financial. Who is consistent, genuine, authentic and real. Who is honest. And especially who believes all are equal, who never ever believes they are better than anyone else. A classy person is most definitely not one who feels they are better simply because of the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the religion they follow, the job they do, the school their children go to, the size of their bank accounts or the area they live in. That, in my view is the opposite.

3 thoughts on “classy

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    Samantha Yates Schroeder Agree… X
    July 19 at 3:07pm via mobile · Like

    Louise Fletcher Well said …theres plenty of people that consider themselves ‘classy’ BUT completely miss the mark !!
    July 19 at 3:45pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

    Bryan Cawood That’s why Nelson Mandela is so ‘classy’.
    July 19 at 4:42pm · Like · 2

    Jo Sutton I hate that word, Classy. Anyone who uses it is definitely not. Blah
    July 19 at 9:26pm via mobile · Like

    Jo Sutton Rather be assy then classy
    July 19 at 9:27pm via mobile · like · 2

    Lianne Cawood Hahaha you can be both in my view!!

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