I mentioned I’d read Fifty Shades of Grey. And Fifty Shades Darker. And Fifty Shades Freed. And was asked what I thought. I must admit I was intrigued. Especially after Helen gave me a copy of time magazine with a write up on it. I mean, it was in time magazine. I bought it at the airport.  Erotic fiction is not exactly a good aeroplane read with a stranger in the seat next to you or your sweet little daughter asking what you reading mom? Quite explicit. But oh so tedious. And oh so badly written. And so repetitive, even her choice of words. Same adjectives used over and over and over and over again. The first sex scene was intriguing, the dominant submissive bondage thing, but then became so formulaic, so unexplored, so expected I actually flicked ahead. Tum ti tum. Mommy porn? So if you wonder why then I read all three, I can only blame my need to finish things, my obsessiveness, my need for linear completion, and my curiosity. I just wanted to know what happened at the end. Damn. But my advice to you, if you are hoping for good fiction, don’t bother. It’s a happy ending. Even if all you want is a good read, a good story line, well written sex scenes, don’t bother.  If you want to be titilated, didn’t do that for me either. In my opinion the hoopla is just not worth it. In fact, I am a tad confused by it.

1 thought on “hoopla

  1. I haven’t read it, but my mother’s friend, a very cultured lady, read it while traveling to Europe. She told my mother it was so racy she was having hot flashes. She was shocked and as soon as she got home she ordered books 2 and 3 in the trilogy. 😀 My mother is telling me this story in the elevator at the Cancer Center and a woman overheard us and snickered. That only encouraged my mother She kept bringing it up. If she used the words erotic or erotica once she used them 786 times. She wasn’t using her inside voice either. And I couldn’t run away.. I was tethered to an infusion pump. Our bay was very popular with the nurses that day. 😉

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