I have never professed to be a perfect mother. No-one really is, we all just try our best. This morning was one of those less perfect moments. For some reason I have not got my oomph back since our trip so am playing catch up all the time. We were running late for school, I had only got to bed well after midnight trying to fix a washing machine that had clothing soaking and locked in it, the pest control people were coming in at 8.30 to do their annual spray thingy, I was trying to tidy up at least a bit, whilst brushing my teeth and Jem was waiting for me to do her hair and I was throwing on my clothes, knowing I still had heaps to do when Kate started calling Mom, mom, mo-o-o-o-mmm, mo-o-om. Mom! Ohh, fuck off, I said. It was what I felt so I said it. Just quietly and matter of factly. Enough. Jem was in earshot, caught my eye, she looked horrified and I looked sheepish. We burst out laughing. I did explain that I didn’t really mean it, I just meant it a little bit.  Because sometimes, just sometimes, just for a little bit, I do hate the word mom.

1 thought on “swearword

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    Janine Daniels, Louise Fletcher and 3 others like this.

    Jo-Ann Adams ‎”Perfect!”
    May 3 at 5:09pm · Like

    Ange Nixon Love love it and sooo true!!!!!
    May 3 at 5:27pm · Like

    Emma Fox I hear you x
    May 3 at 6:16pm via mobile · Like

    Kerry Solomon Ha ha ha ha, you have me laughing out loud. Sometimes I feel like you’re writing about my life! ;-D
    May 3 at 8:44pm · Like

    Coralee Barnes Love it!! And me too, can’t there be something else they can call me every now and again??
    May 3 at 9:20pm via mobile · Like

    Gillian Freimond Rightford It’s that M-o-o-o-m that drives me crazy.
    May 4 at 5:23am via mobile · Like

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