tick tock

Today’s the day it happened. Today’s the day my baby grew up. Tonight was the first time Jem spent her evening in her room, rather than lying on the other couch in the lounge with me. Or watching tv in the tv room while cuddling Jayde. Tonight she was in her room with the door closed. For the first time. With peals of laughter and much chatting going on. Without us. With boys and girls from her grade. I had to agree to her downloading Skype because all her friends have and because she’s never nagged me for anything. She’s graciously accepted my no’s to facebook and a mobile phone. But mostly because I’m ok with it. Skype that is, as long as my rules of whom and when are followed. But as much as I like to think it’s all on my terms, the fact is she spent the evening in her room. For the first time ever. With the door closed. I did pop in from time to time, as you do. But mostly, I just let her be.


3 thoughts on “tick tock

  1. Same same… Although Patrick isn’t supposed to Skype on weeknights. I am told that half the class now are on Skype. I can’t help smiling and remembering how much harder it was to stretch the phone cord around the corner to get some privacy.

    • Me too … and must say all the giggling and chatting did make me smile. I was trying to remember how old I was? Then again, I know I treat Jem differently to Kate, without meaning to … she just feels so much younger just cos she’s my youngest. And I do love that they’re a good bunch of kids!!! Patrick and Jem’s grade I mean! x

  2. Oh noooooooo! It is all happening too soon. And I’m only the Aunty. I guess its not so much them growing up that restricts my breathing (as I do LOVE the young adults your girls are becoming). Its me growing old x

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