Today I had eyelash extensions. I have tried a little botox and I have implants. Just so that you know I have no problem with any of them. In fact, I’m loving my lashes, and I love my implants, because else I wouldn’t have a breast. I wasn’t sure about the botox, mostly to get rid of my number eleven, because I was so adamant it should be very natural so no-one ever noticed. Although B hasn’t called me number eleven for a while, and Sandy who makes my morning coffee, hasn’t asked me why I’m frowning (even when I’m not). The thing that bothers me about it though, is how addictive I can see it all becomes. I can see I’m going to hate my own stubby, sparse, never grew back properly after chemo eyelashes, when these extensions fall off. Just like I’ll hate it when people start asking me why I’m so irritated when I’m not. I get that it makes you feel better, because you look better, so you feel more confident, are more confident, and how wonderful is that. But the thing that sparked this off, was not my lashes, but the form I had to fill in at the salon. When it got to date of birth, it said optional. When I queried, the therapist laughingly advised how many women don’t want to share their age. So, for me the thing is, how can we not celebrate our years and our wisdom and our experiences, our scars and our wrinkles, because they tell our stories. Why do we deny our age? Are we not then denying our lives? Denying what is?  I love that we can make ourselves look better, and feel better, but my plea to all my friends is, just know when to stop. You are beautiful just as you are. And those who love you, will love you no matter how saggy, scarred and wrinkled you are. And those who won’t, never did.

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  1. I hear you about the “11” – I often get asked, “What’s wrong?”, especially if I am concentrating on something. I am seriously considering a little bit of botox there (I’m 37). The other one I’d like to try is the false lashes, especially as mine were (are) very slow to grow after chemo. Eyebrows are still rather sparse too (as is the hair on my head). Still, putting things into perspective these little beauty fixes aren’t really necessary, but hey why not give them a go? It’s not the worst things our bodies have had done to them!

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    Corrie Medhurst Beautiful!!
    March 22 at 3:50pm · Unlike · 1

    Ange Nixon They look amazing!!!!
    March 22 at 4:36pm · Unlike · 1

    Yvette Puchert You look amazing…didn’t even know one got eyelash extensions….! I really don’t mind who does what but my feeling is plastic surgery is not for me. HOWEVER: what do you do when people constantly ask you if you’re in a bad mood because you have a permanent “don’t #$%^*** mess with me! brow line?? Yes, we can blame the years in client service but, to a stranger, I look pissed off all the time. You talk about a number 11, try a 111111!!!!
    March 22 at 4:42pm · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Promise they are not so noticeable … the iphone cross process app fills in the blacks so they look far more lush than they are!!!!!So get you Y … that is my reality!!!! xxx
    March 22 at 5:38pm · Like

    Michelle Taylor Just call it home improvements….I did av a disaster with eye-lash extensions, I lost quite alot of my own when it came to taking them off.My lashes av grown back now thank goodness.Always room for improvement within moderation…Enjoy your new look!!!!x
    March 22 at 7:14pm · Like

    Kerry Solomon Love the lashes, you look fabulous! Ages ago I bought cheapies from dischem that take a minute to apply and can be pulled off when you go to bed. I loved them, they were subtle but the impact was impressive. As for the frown lines, I can relate, I have been asked by my 5 year old why I am cross when I’m not! 🙂
    March 22 at 8:22pm · Like

    Melissa Harris I’ve done them twice but each time they pulled my own off…even though I did all the ‘right things’ so just use the right eye make remover and be gentle…THEY LOOK AMAZING DARLING! So glad you’re playing dress ups! Who said that was reserved for little girls!
    March 22 at 8:39pm · Like · 1

    Samantha Yates Schroeder Your eyelashes look beautiful!! My theory is.. Get rid of the ugly/cross lines… Leave the happy lines.. It is addictive but don’t be tempted to do too much… It can look obvious & terrible!!! That’s why I love Vicky.. ; ). X
    March 23 at 10:11am · Unlike · 1

    Lianne Cawood Really really not as lush as the pic!!! Loved Hailey … thanks. And agree with you … celebrate what is, improve what you can, but never ever lose sight of reality … that’s when they start to look weird xxx
    March 23 at 10:26am · Like

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