What is it with my need for things to be a certain way. Jay chuckled when I moved the yellow 4kg weight at gym this am off the blue 2kg row, where someone had put it, back to the row of yellow weights, where it so obviously belonged. It was amusing. But he had absolutely no idea how much it really did bother me. And don’t get the wrong impression, I am not a neatness freak. It’s not that. My cupboards are an abomination. Another word I love. But I do like to feel in control, and maybe that’s why I focus on the things I can control, like the damn weights, because there is so much I can’t.

4 thoughts on “freak

    • Occasional Control Disorder? Obviously Cool Disorder? Out of Control Disorder? Obsessively Competitive Disorder? Occasional Collapse Disorder? Often Correct Disorder? Only I Count Disorder? Openly a C-word Disorder?

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