B’s got this thing he wants me to do, which will be cool, but is a bit challenging. I’ll need to put myself out there a little, at least for him to judge. So, I did, what I do, I made lasagne. Just like when I need to pay bills, sort out our finances, do the filing. I make lasagne. If I need to pack for a trip, tidy a cupboard, write a reference I make lasagne.  Obviously lasagne is a euphemism for doing anything but what I am supposed to be doing.  Which often is, make lasagne. And if the thing is a little bit confronting, I’ll probably make enough lasagne for the school canteen.  If we had one. I sort of knew I did this, but I didn’t know anyone else knew, except Mel, cos I told her.  But I realised B is onto me when I proudly told him I’d made lasagne for dinner.  His response, if he ever feels like lasagne, he’ll just ask me to put myself out there.

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